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AHLERS Logistic and Maritime Services

Belgian Logistic and Maritime Group, with 13 branches in CIS and Baltic countries, specializing in general freight forwarding and supply-chain-management. Services include railway deliveries, road transport, LCL and FCL services in the whole CIS.

AHLERS is headquartered in Antwerp, Belgium and exists already since 1909. Started as a maritime line, AHLERS has evolved over the years to become a strong niche player in former Soviet Union and South East Asia, with 45 offices and 605 full-time employees in these regions. "We facilitate your trade" is the mission statement of AHLERS, aiming at creating added-value for its customers by providing the gained know-how and wide geographical assistance to most demanding customers. Without exhageration, development of AHLERS in CIS and Baltics has been a success almost from the beginning. Professional employees in the branches in Russia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarus and Kyrgyzstan have made it possible to position AHLERS in the market as a trustworthy and experienced player. Know-how in the fields of railway transports, road deliveries and project cargo shipments, along with the customs clearance experience allow us to present the complete "supply-chain solutions" for virtually any business areas. For our key accounts we have built our own state-of-art warehousing facilities in Russia (St.Petersburg) and in Ukraine (Kharkov). In the end of 2003 AHLERS has opened a new European Distribution Center in Ghent, Belgium. Its safety and environmental pillars are laid down in an integrated management system in accordance with the requirements ofthe standards ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. The network of own offices differentiates AHLERS from other market players. Being both extensive and flexible, it allows us to provide our services at both ends of the supply-chain and assure a high quality level during the operations by AHLERS. AHLERS represents more than 12 shipping lines, acting as the agent of such carriers as P&O Nedlloyd (Baltic), SAGA and SCI (Antwerp). Port operations and handling can be arranged by AHLERS in (amongst others) Riga, Klaipeda, St.Petersburg, Odessa, Poti and Baku. The broad range of services that AHLERS can offer is a result of decade-long accumulation of know-how and experience.

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Country: Latvia
City: Riga
Address: Ganibu Dambis 10A 1045 Riga Latvia
Phone: +371 () 709-73-14
Fax: +371 () 709-73-01
E-mail: dtc@riga.ahlers.com
URL address:
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